The Best Shapewear for Fat Girls! (Caution: Curves Ahead)

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I have come to learn that one of the most important, yet most DIFFICULT part of being plus size is having to deal with making the fat look like curves. If not done properly, this could go horribly wrong. The trick? SHAPEWEAR!

No matter how big or small you are, beauty is pain at times. Currently I am wearing a pair off spanxs so tight I can hardly breathe! But after you get used to wearing Shapewear and making it part of your daily routine, you’ll learn some tricks to make it a lot easier.

  • Shapewar Tank tops & Camisoles are a lot easier (and sexier) to wear than high waist briefs, and they still cover your ass when you bend over. A must-have alternative to Spanx if you plan on hooking up tonight!
  • Spanx have a built in hole in the crotch so you don’t have to take them off to tinkle!
  • Bras can double as Shapewear as well – side and back smoothing, bridal corsets, and minimizer bras are made to shape you better.
  • Waist cinchers (like Squeem) not only give you an hourglass figure, but improve posture too.

When I was in high school I was too scared to wear shapewear, thinking… “How can I go to school looking sloppy fat one day and sexy curvy the next without making it obvious that there’s Shapewear under here?” There is no easy way. You can either start off a little at a time, or go balls to the wall and just do it! I started off slow, and now am a Shapewear junkie.

Here are MY spandex staples:

Best Brands & Where to buy:

  • Spanx -When it comes to undergarments, Spanx is the leader of the pack. Affordable, durable, and practical.
  • Squeem – Gives you unbelievable curves! no, really – unbelievable – as in, too good to be true and its pretty obvious when you wear one. But damn sexy anyways. Better for big booty girls, rather than us muffin top chicks.
  • Lipo In A Box sold by QVC and on – The quality is by far, the best – this coming from someone who has tried them all. Though pricey, totally worth the money. Goes up to size 2X (they stretch!)

My Choices:

  • Camisole: Lipo in a Box Long Tank (original fabric) – I have to admit, I wear this garment almost every day. When I first took it out of the package it was so tiny, but you step into it like a swimsuit and BOOM! Takes off 20 lbs. Its durable fabric has held up for probably a year now, and every time I wash and dry it, it shrinks back to its baby shirt size. It doesn’t ride up, so no adjusting all day. Flattering neckline fits under most shirts without noticing.
  • Bottoms:  Spanx Higher Power Brief –  Again, you get what you pay for – High Quality. Great to wear under a dress , too tight jeans, anything! I avoid the thigh slimming version because it seems to cut me off mid thigh and create some unlovely lumps.

Hope this helps you ladies find the best shape for your body!

Stay Curvy and Keep Curious



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  2. thanks, this is really an amazing article about the shapewear

  3. Oh my god! I stopped reading this article when I saw you say that you were wearing shapewear so tight you could barely breathe! Honey, you have to be careful with shapewear. You don’t need painful shapewear for it to be effective! Your tummy isn’t ugly, if that’s your fear. No one stares and your tummy, believ it or not. You seem to be overreacting about how people see you. If you want a tummy that flat, you need to work off fat healthily! Shapewear isn’t supposed to be that extreme, it’s just supposed to smooth your tummy over and exaggerate your curves, boobs, and butt. But shapewear isn’t supposed to completely flatten your tummy unless you already have an exceptionally flat tummy. It can make your tummy smoother so you don’t have to worry about muffintop or visible belly button, but that’s about it. Be safe please!

  4. Most of the women in this current time always want to look hourglass and fashionable life. But they have some different type of a problem. Just like fatty problem. I have also same problem but I don’t have a perfect solution. My friend Natasha refereed me using body shapers under my dresses and she also say this is perfect work for me. Have you any solution about this and can body shapers help me properly to solve my body problem?

  5. Most of the fatty girl face some different type of problem to their waistline. They always worried about this and that is not good for a human life. Day by day they go on depression. In this situation, I think plus size shapewear can help them to solve the waist problem. Plus size shapewear is the best friend of women who have some problem with their fatty body.

  6. Watching the video on Squeem’s site and looking at the models wearing their products really pissed me off. They are using a stick thin model and only show flashes of the plus size model. It is so insulting to anyone over a size 6. I truly feel that anyone who is not sooner thin and in shape should boycott Squeem for how they showcased the plus sized model in their video. It is shameful.

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  8. In this article, it’s talking about some famous brands of shapewear. All these brands are great for women who face some problem to her waistline. I’m also like to use some famous brands like Anna Cherry, Kim Kardashian etc. But I’m more like to use Spanx brand.

  9. A number of years ago I started to get a belly, no matter what I did exercise diet nothing worked. My belly effected my posture with lower back pains. I decided I will always have a belly no matter what I did and I would need to live with a belly, but I had to do something, I could tell if I was going to always have a belly, it is not as though I am fat, I needed some control and support. I decided to go to a corsetiere for a solution. First she sat me down and talked about my life style, then she measured my hips and waist. She choose for me a vintage long legged high waisted boned and zippered panty girdle Rago 6210. The corsetiere also told me it does take some getting use to be girdled and will take a little girdle training, there is lots more to being in a girdle everyday and to take advantages that a decent vintage girdle will give you. She picked a girdle that was 2 sizes tighter then my measurements, she explained I shouldn’t go too tight, but just tight enough to give my stomach and back needed control and support.

    First the corsetiere had my lie down on a bed lean way back pull up my knees then pull on the girdle, then hook up the hooks and eyes and pull up the zipper then stand up. Wow was I amazed as to the experience of the support my stomach and back got from being in a decent vintage girdle, I was amazed, I felt fantastic.

    Second part of training the corstiere explained to me to keep my stomach muscles relaxed and just rely on the girdle to support my posture, she told me this can take a few weeks to become use to. As I began to relax my stomach muscles and just let the girdle support me I found I felt som much better with much more energy, I was pleasantly surprised, yes it does take a few weeks to get use to, but it is well worth it.

    Third the corsetiere had me develop a daily routine, like keeping my stomach muscles relaxed developing a daily routine also takes a few weeks.
    She had me everyday wake up clean up and put on a girdle everyday without question and go on with my day. It does take some getting use to at first, I had to work up to being girdled 16 to 18 hours a day.

    The corsetiere has me purchase a minimum of 3 Rago 6210 vintage girdles, one to wear, one to cold wash and air dry and one in my girdle draw, she had me rotate girdles everyday.

    After a few weeks following the instructions from the corsetiere I found I really love being daily in a girdle, I am amazed, yes I have still have a belly, but I no longer mind the support a girdle gives me everyday all of the time is fantastic, I have so much more energy, not more lower back pains, my clothes fit better and my posture is much improved.

    I believe from my own personal girdle experience that most women make a really major mistake not being in a decent vintage girdle everyday, even if you do not have a belly it is so well worth it.

  10. Really Great!! I feel the choice is based on the usage. No matter how big or small you are taking an advice.Find out quality Shapewear at

  11. Oops sorry I posted the wrong link – try this one

  12. Which can be worn under a tight dress and won’t create a bulge?

  13. Great article! I have to say being a size 16 and with a figure hugging strapless wedding dress I found it really difficult to find shape wear that suited! I finally found the perfect one, it was comfortable, breathable, didn’t budge an inch (no rolling) and suited all my needs including most importantly smoothing out the dreaded rolls!! I wear it all the time since even on regular days out. This brand truly is amazing! They have a range of 10 different styles, I found mine here

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