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Curvy Girl Spotlight of November: Ms. Candy J

This month’s Curvy Girl will be rocking the runway alongside Emilie Alpert, Founder of! Watch out for these ladies on Saturday, November 9th, 2013 at the Evolution Of Curves NYC Finale Show for Haiti! Visit for your tickets now!
Name: Ms. Candy J.
Age: 23
Measurements: 40D-35.5-50
Location: Bronx, NY
Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I am an aspiring actress and model. I recently relocated to New York from Miami, FL. I’ve lived here for two months and I am just getting used to the big city. I love the entertainment industry and I am very much dedicated to making a lucrative career in modeling and acting. I have trained at Barbizon School of Modeling and Acting. I have experience as an extra in film, television, and commercial. I also love to sing, I would to see if there is a possibility of me making it in the music industry, but I know that I need to work on it a little more. I am planning on taking acting classes and vocal lessons to hone my craft and make myself more marketable.
What inspired you to get into modeling?
I’ve wanted to model since I was 13
What type of modeling have you done? (runway, glamour, print, etc)
Plus Size Fashion, Commercial, Runway, and Print
What are your likes and dislikes about modeling?
I dislike that there are so many limited opportunities for plus size models who are not 5’9″
I like the fact that so many aspiring plus size models are making the opportunity for themselves
Are you with any modeling agencies or teams?
I am the President of an up and coming modeling agency in South Florida, Star Plus Model. But I am not a part of any agency.
Appearance is a big factor in the fashion world.  What words would you use to describe your personal style?
I have a versatile personality, so when it comes to my style
What does Curvy and Curious mean to you?
Curvy and Curious, I love my curves and I want to see just how far I can make it in this industry
Where do you want to be 1 year from now in the modeling industry?
I want to be on the cover of Plus Model Magazine and I want to be the featured model in music videos and commercials
What type of advice have you been given that you would give to aspiring models?
I was once told that preparation plus opportunity equals success. So if you want to be a  model do your research and invest in yourself don’t wait for opportunities to come to you go out and find them.
Where can Curvy and Curious viewers see more of you?
Twitter: @MsModelBehavior
IG: MsModelBehavior22

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Get your Foot in the Door : How to be a Model 101

So you have decided that you want to be a model. Great Idea! Just be prepared for the hard work to come.

In the past month, I have been organizing my first fashion event and runway show, and being on the CASTING end of the modeling world has really changed my perspective on things. I have recently met some great ladies who want to model but don’t know where to start, which inspired me to write this article, How to be a Model 101. 


Everybody knows their dress size, but this means nothing unless you know your measurements. Go to the craft store and pick up a measuring tape – you will be using it A LOT.

This video is a great guide on how to get your basic measurements:

In addition to your Bust-Waist-Hips, there are other measurements you will need to know, and numbers you should be familiar with. Here are my tricks of the trade:

Extra Measurements:

  • Thigh circumference (widest part)
  • Bicep circumference (widest part)
  • Across back of shoulders
  • Inseam
  • Waist-to-floor
  • Neck circumference
  • Apex (from nipple, around neck, to other nipple – helps determine neckline sizes)
  • High Hip (4″ below your waist)
  • Low Hip (8″ and 10″ below waist)

Tips and Tricks:

  • Industry standards state that anything size 8 + up is PLUS SIZE. Market yourself as such!
  • The standard minimum height for models is 5’8″. Do whatever you can to get there if you’re close.
  • If you’re shorter that 5’8″ and have the right look, your height won’t necessarily hold you back, but good luck if you’re under 5’6″
  • In FIT modeling, the height for petites is 5’5″-5’6″ and for women’s regular 5’8″ and up.
  • Male models should be at least 5’10”
  • measure yourself before any go-see. They will likely measure you there, or ask you your measurements when you walk in the door.
  • Keep your resume up-to-date – I update my measurements at least once a month

Rule #2:  Model Mayhem is your Friend

I always thought was a site for creepers and wanna-be’s, but most of the photographers I ave worked with were professional, open minded, and happy to shoot “TF” (meaning “trade for” pictures in exchange for credit). Still beware of creeps! get phone numbers, references, and make sure their portfolio matches your style of photography you’re seeking.

Rule #3:  Comp Cards / Business Cards

Comp Cards (model version of a headshot) are probably the most important thing in your model bag. A comp card should have a headshot on the front, and various photos on the back, along with your measurements and contact information. I use Spotlight Printing for mine – they have the best prices and customer service. Here is an example of the most recent proof they sent me:

Front of Comp Card

Back of Comp Card

Business Cards are also very important. I give out business cards at every audition, photo shoot, go-see, or just networking. I have made many connections through business cards alone. You may not think you’re not ready for cards since you’re just starting out, but they will be what gets you the connections!

Rule #4:  Building your Portfolio

After about three-four months of modeling, I starting printing out pictures from my shoots for my portfolio book. I chose 3-5 or my best shots from every photo shoot, and had them printed by Adorama Pix. Great quality prints at some of the best prices on the market. When I put my photos in my book for the first time, I really felt like a model!

Rule #5: Work for Free

Getting your face and name out there take a lot of time, hard work, and dedication. Fan sites for BBWs on Facebook will not make you a professional models. Do a lot of runway work if you can. They are a great chance to meet people and network, plus are a lot of fun! Eventually with enough experience under your belt, you will become in demand and payable.

Remember, this is no easy process, and event the most beautiful models take time to get known (ahem…. even Michelle Hilton, Annoula Dritsas, and Ayana Smith are all  STILL working their asses off and they were born to be models!)

Work hard, play hard, and keep your mind straight. Most important;y, be REAL!

Keep Curvy and Stay Curious

Curvy Girl Spotlight of October: Rechere McCoy

  • Name: Rechere McCoy
  • Age: 23
  • Measurements: 32-27-35
  • Location? (City/State) Atlanta, GA

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m a city girl who also loves the beach. My hobbies and interests include traveling, music, movies, working out, and great food. I set sometimes far-fetched goals for myself to keep me going and striving towards something greater.

What inspired you to get into modeling?

My mother encouraged me to model when I was younger but I was too shy. I tried it out with a friend who was interested in photography and fell in love!

What type of modeling have you done?

I’ve done runway, print, and promo. I’m always looking to expand my career.

What are your dislikes about modeling?

People will try to take advantage of you and your craft. You have to keep your eyes open.

What are your likes about modeling?

I love being able to portray different looks depending on the gig or shoot. Meeting new people, traveling, and gaining experience are also things I love about it.

Are you with any modeling agencies or teams?

I am not with an agency or team currently.

Appearance is a big factor in the fashion world. Do you have a personal stylist?

Yes I do.

What does Curvy and Curious mean to you?

 Confident and ready to explore.

Where do you want to be 1 year from now in the modeling industry?

I would like to be published in well known magazines and ads.

What type of motivational advice would you give to aspiring models?

Remain confident, focused, and humble and always watch out for the snakes.

Where can Curvy and Curious viewers see more of you?

Curvy Girl Spotlight of September: Jocanna Cedeno

  • Name: Jocanna Cedeno
  • Age: 24
  • Measurements: 36C-28-30
  • Location? (City/State) Atlanta, GA but I am from Miami 😉

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am a 24 year old aspiring model who has a passion for commercial and print modeling. I currently work as a leasing agent full time and on my free time I try and keep up with my modeling. I am engaged and my fiancé happens to be my biggest motivation and fan. I’m also very family oriented; there is nothing like family. I am very outgoing, fun, and love to dance! I am not a big dancer but I do what I do lol. I’m just your average girl pursuing her career and enjoying every moment of it. I am Blessed!

What inspired you to get into modeling?

It has always been my passion growing up. I just always felt like I was too short to do so but I had the courage to get out there and try it.

What type of modeling have you done?

Runway, glamour, print, commercial

What are your dislikes about modeling?

The long hour shoots -_-

What are your likes about modeling?

Make up, hair, wardrobe and being in front of the cameras! 🙂

Are you with any modeling agencies or teams?

Yes, I am with a team of aspiring models I put together named Dazzling Diverse Models

Appearance is a big factor in the fashion world. Do you have a personal stylist?

No I do not but I would love to have one to work on my team.

What does Curvy and Curious mean to you?

Intrigued with curves, yet want to know more! 😉

Where do you want to be 1 year from now in the modeling industry?

Doing print and commercial as my full time job and career. Its my passion.

What type of motivational advice would you give to aspiring models?

3 words – NEVER GIVE UP!

Where can Curvy and Curious viewers see more of you?

“Fat Chat” with BIG NATE

Hey Curvy Girls! Are you curious to know what your best asset is, in a MAN’s opinion? What could you work on to look your best, or figure out what your man might be thinking about that thing you’re too embarrassed to ask?

Well we were blessed enough to find Big Nate, who is here to answer all of our burning questions about ourself, our bodies, and what men really think about us “thick” girls. No BS – only #REALALK happens here!

To find out what Nate thinks, email your pictrue and/or questions to OR on Facebook OR contact BigNate directly at his section on Curvy And Curious – “Fat Chat with Big Nate”

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