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What is Curvy and Curious? 

Curvy and Curious is a site for teens and young adults to get real advice to living as a big girl in a skinny world!

Let’s face it – Body Acceptance is a great movement, but not every girl has an easy time accepting her body, no matter how much encouragement she has. People can tell you you’re beautiful until your ears fall off, but it won’t be true until you believe it.

Growing up, I was the fattest kid in school, but never really noticed it – that is, until puberty hit. The combination of depression, habit, stress, poor diet, comfort eating, peer pressure, and more led to my obesity, which led to anorexia and bulimia in middle school and early high school, which then turned into shameful behavior for self-validation, such as being promiscuous, drinking, doing drugs, all to try and find where I belong.

Now as an adult and a size 16, I went from being an aspiring actress and plus model and working professional, to building my skills behind the camera in photography, design, and video production.

My journey to self-discovery sure ain’t over, but why not share my life experience with young girls to encourage them to make better choices than I did.

Its OK to be CURVY, THICK, FULL FIGURED – whatever you want to call it – OWN YOUR BODY

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  12. It’s not only okay to be thicker/curvier, it’s sexy. Heavier women can succeed in careers and family life like anyone else. Most chubby/zaftig women will find a man who is attracted to them not despite their figures but because of them.

  13. It is not only okay to be curvier/thicker – it is sexy! Fat/chubby women are able to achieve career and personal goals like skinnier people can – and many will find a man that isn’t attracted to them in spite of their figures but because of them.

    My NAME IS kENYA Fullfigure woman ..aspiring spokeswoman. With hopes of obtaining my degree in PR MARKETING .IM A CONTESTANT IN THE MS FULLFIGURE USA PAGEANT. .WHICH I PRAY HELP MY PLATFORM…The struggle over plussize models .is starting to turn into triumphs

  15. Great blog, much success to you Emilie!
    XoXo Tammy D

  16. Hey there Emilie,

    This is a great post and one I wish that I could have read when I was in my teens. Now at 50, I’ve wasted nearly 34 years of my life struggling to have a body that was never suited to me.

    I, too am thick, fat, chubby or whatever name describes my curvy body.

    The thing is that I am so passionate about teaching women that we are so much more than just a body. But as you say, it’s not enough to just hear it said. That’s not going to make all the old hurtful comments and memories of being called fat and thinking inferior about your body go away.

    As The Juicy Woman, I’m a speaker and author and I create confidence-building and stress relief programs for groups of women and girls. In my programs and workshops, I show them how to change the way that they think of their bodies by giving them tools to neutralize negative thoughts and emotions. My favorite go-to stress relief method that I use all the time and teach my clients is known as EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. Derived from acupuncture, it’s done by simply tapping on certain points on your hands and face, while thinking about what’s upsetting you. In a few minutes of doing that, your thoughts shift and you feel differently. Speaking as a woman who has experienced a lot of abuse in my past this is the most effective method I’ve found for changing the horrible way that we’ve learned to speak to ourselves.

    Rock on, Emilie and keep on empowering other girls to love the skin they’re in.

    Thank you,

    Andrea Amador

  17. Love this blog. Good luck and thanks for speaking up for us ‘fat chicks’

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